From Lori Dyar.....

You must have taught us well. We passed our obedience test and are now starting an agility lass. Well done, Mike Reynolds!!!

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Probably the most important choice you will make in your dog's life is the choice of the instructor to help you train the dog. Improper methods can spoil a good dog-sometimes permanently! Since instructors do not have to be licensed, almost anyone can (and often does) get into the business. It is therefore, worthwhile to search for the best available trainer.

Ask questions!

Do you teach the dogs or the owners?

Even a mediocre instructor can make a dog perform for him, but that is not the point in taking your dog to class. The instructor should be able to show the handler how to train the dog.

Do you explain? 

Do you fully understand why certain things should be done and others not? You need to know the reasons behind certain methods because with your particular dog, the approach may need to be modified.

Are you Flexible?

Each dog and handler are different. Some may require a different approach to an exercise. Beware of the instructor who says, "Just do it my way".

Are you knowledgeable?

When you ask relevant questions do you get a satisfactory answer? Does he talk in circles around the answer and leave you confused or does he make sure you understand?




We have progress every time we go see Mike, and his advice between sessions always helps.....Chase Spitzer

At Pro Canine Professional Dog Training, we believe that all dogs and owners deserve a great relationship. Through Private, one on one training, we help you achieve this goal. It is our hope that you will find this website helpful  in making the decision to train your "best friend." 

Mike Reynolds has trained ME and all of my dogs throughout the past 20 years! I have studied other "trainers" and their approach, opinions on dogs and training them and their owners. Mike  without a doubtis the BEST AROUND! He is a dog genius and has the patience to wait out even the most stubborn dog....Jennifer MCConnell.

Mike Reynolds, owner and Director of Pro-Canine has been training dogs over 30 years. He attended the Tom Rose School of Dog Training in St Louis, MO specializing in various types of dog training. He has trained dogs for narcotics detection, search and rescue, personal protection and has achieved American and German titles on numerous dogs.  Mike has had the privilege of training with some of the most renowned dog trainers and dogs in the world.